Friday, April 20, 2007

Unraveling and Re-Knitting

Mohair pullover, knit side-to-side

Although I belong to knitting webrings, I've been unraveling more than I've been knitting the last few months. In the sock knitting department, I've been swatching and unraveling. I like to learn something new, a technique or a pattern, when I knit a pair of socks, and the twist-stitch patterns I've been experimenting with lately have proven unsuitable for socks.

This winter I've unraveled half a dozen seldom-worn sweaters. To my surprise and delight, when washed, these salvaged yarn skeins have fluffed up good-as-new. I'm currently trying to decide what to do with this multi-yarn mohair sweater. I made it four or five years ago, and have only worn it a few times because it is far too warm for indoor wear. I like the color/texture combination, and I could re-style it into a cardigan easily, because it is knit side-to-side. However, I'm not sure I would wear it. My inner unraveler whispers that there are a lot of potential hats in this yarn.

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