Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free Statistics Tutorials

My first semester teaching statistics is over, but I'm still finding Web references for my next batch of students. I've been very impressed with what's available online for free.

  • Why use statistics ? A short tutorial by Allan Parker. In any comparison in a medical context, differences are almost bound to occur. The problem is separating real effects from random variation, It is the job of the analysts to decide how much variation should be ascribed to chance, so that any remaining variation can be assumed to be assumed to a real effect - This is the art of statistics.
  • Wolfram Mathworld: The Web's most extensive mathematics resource. I'm not qualified to judge the veracity of that claim, but every page I've read through is clear, well-written, and attractive, and the range of topics is very broad: Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus and Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, Geometry, History and Terminology, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, Recreational Mathematics, and Topology
  • A New View of Statistics. I have written these pages for researchers and students in the sport and exercise sciences. I also hope to get hits from students and researchers struggling to understand stats in other disciplines.

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