Friday, April 27, 2007

Finishing the Denim Patchwork Coverlet--Backing and Binding

Denim pieced coverlet, with backing and

It's finished at last. I got the backing tied to the patchwork denim coverlet I've been working on since last summer, and sewed on the binding this week. I had planned to piece polar fleece scraps for a backing, but I decided this bargain bolt of sweatshirt fleece was a better weight and texture. Besides, I always like a red sweatshirt with my jeans. I plan to test-drive it this weekend on a camping trip.


Angelena said...

Beautiful!! I love the red backing, it really sets off the denim!!

Aurora said...

this is really great! and I bet it is heavy & warm! a lovley use of old denims! have you seen the Gee bend quilts?

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks! After using it camping this weekend, I can say it is warm, and will not slide off the bed.

The Gee's Bend quilts are really inspiring, but my first inspiration was my Aunt Velda, who was a wonderful and prolific quilter.