Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bio-Electromechanical Bra Inventions

One challenge in sewing bras is selecting the correct pattern size. Determining one's bra size is tricky in ready-to-wear as well, and many Web sites, including Oprah's, assert that most Americans wear the wrong size bra. These sites also offer directions for measuring for a correct fit. I've tried half a dozen measuring schemes, and I've gotten that many different sizes. I finally guessed and started sewing. I've made four bras and don't have that "Ideal Fit" yet, but the puzzling nature of bra construction keeps me going. You start with flat pattern pieces that don't look anything like a bra, sew a few seams, and there you are with a wearable three-dimensional object. The following resources speak to the engineering and biomedical challenges bras offer.

  • Cat's Bra Resource Page features advice on determining your bra size, and lists several sources for ready-to-wear bras in uncommon sizes.
  • Determining Your Size (Bra/Cup) - Nicole's Measuring System. This is a non-standard method for bra size determination.
    For no apparent reason, finding out your bra size is always a big mystery. It shouldn't be. Although there is no foolproof system, the following set of guidelines should get you most of the way there. (Note: If you are trying to figure out what breast implant size you want to obtain, go to the following article.
  • Bra Size articles, as archived at the National Library of Medicine. A recent search of PubMed returned 110 links to journal articles concerning bra size. Thank you, cosmetic surgeons. It seems that many women looking for surgical change suffer from poorly fitted bras.
  • Innovation and technology of women's intimate apparel. It's a little out of my price range, and not at my local library, but I'd love to read this, especially Chapter 3.
    Chapter 3: Innovations of bras
    Definition of innovation.
    A brief history of bra invention and innovation.
    Bra innovations in the 21st century.
    Technology behind the bra innovations.
    Bio-electromechanical approaches to bra inventions.


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