Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Statistics Resources

Here are some statistics and mathematical modeling web resources I've gathered as sample sets for the next time I teach statistics.

  • Carl T. Bergstrom's Research interests--including mathematical modeling, antibiotic resistance, infectious disease, economics of academic publishing. We use mathematical models to understand biological and social processes. We draw upon tools from a number of disciplines, including game theory, network theory, information theory, stochastic processes, and dynamical systems. The range of topics is fascinating. His lab considers both academic publishing and antibiotic resistance as appropriate phenomenona for mathematical modeling.
  • Statistical Resources on the Web from the University of Michigan Documents Center. This is a compendium of Web pages documenting results of statistical analyses on human populations. Topics range from construction of new homes to AIDS deaths worldwide. The Documents Center's web pages are clustered by broad subject area, such as Foreign or Statistics, in order to facilitate research.
  • GeoHive: Global Statistics. Welcome to GeoHive, a site with geopolitical data, statistics on the human population, Earth and more. The main kind of data you can find here is population statistics of regions, countries, provinces and cities. Next to that there are some statistics on economic factors like wealth, infrastructure; statistics on natural phenomena; ....... and yet, even more.
  • Swivel. Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data. As a preview it's rough around the edges, yet brimming with tasty data goodies. May your love for data guide you. This is a new site, and there's been considerable hype. It seems like the sort of thing I'd want to use, but I have yet to find anything interesting there, or to think of a reason why I'd want to share any of my data sets (and I do have some, really).

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