Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love That Command Line!

I've been looking for a nice theme to tie these useful Linux links together, but sometimes, I'm afraid, there is no theme. Sometimes blog and journal entries just help us remember where to find things we'll need later.

  • Linuxcommand.org: Your One-Stop Command Shop: Learning the ShellGraphical user interfaces (GUIs) are helpful for many tasks, but they are not good for all tasks. I have long felt that most computers today do not use electricity. They instead seem to be powered by the "pumping" motion of the mouse! Computers were supposed to free us from manual labor, but how many times have you performed some task you felt sure the computer should be able to do? You ended up doing the work by tediously working the mouse. Pointing and clicking, pointing and clicking.
  • Speaking UNIX, Part 8: UNIX processes: Learn how UNIX multitasks. ...learn how to control processes and use a number of commands to peer into your system.
  • Frank's Corner: This website contains all the information you need to get some popular Windows applications and games running on Linux using Wine. Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. All information on this site is related to Wine and not to WineX/Cedega or CrossOver Office.


Larry said...

Thanks for the links, Rebecca! I was amused by your notion of mouse-powered computers. So the power cord is a dummy, I surmise, installed solely for the user's peace of mind.

charles said...

My son, a programmer and writer, who lives in St. Louis, has always loved Linux. He used to wear a t-shirt with the Linux penguin on it.
While I don't have any love for Windows, or Bill Gates, I use it because I just don't want to learn a new system. Charles M. Whitt

Rebecca Clayton said...

Larry, I think the power cord may be a backup system.

Hi, Charles--thanks for visiting.