Sunday, April 01, 2007

Appalachian Robbie the Robot?

Our modified Cabelas seven-in-one

Is this some sort of joke? We set out to improve our combination grill-smoker with a cold-smoke chamber, using an old propane canister (painted green, on the left) as a fire chamber. It works really well--a few cherry or hickory twigs burning in the little green chamber on the ground quickly give off enough smoke to flavor the meat delicately. Then we remove the dryer vent, and grill as usual. It's a marinade of smoke before cooking, much tastier than store bought mesquite chips burning on the grill.

As I was preparing to post the photo, I realized that this could also be documentation of our redneck credentials. In addition to our chainsaw and our 1946 Ford tractor (with chains), you can see our satellite dish on the left, our 1977 El Camino on the right, and the Cabelas insignia on the grill/smoker in the middle.


Reya Mellicker said...

I think it's beautiful: your invention and all your vehicles and tools. Redneck?? What does that mean, anyway??

Bob Babione said...

Between the article and discussions pages, there is more than you might care to know on Wikipedia: Redneck.

A snippet: "Generally, there is a continuum from the stereotypical redneck (a derisive term) to the country person; yet there are differences."

Rebecca Clayton said...

Our yard, like our house, contains many on-going projects, and materials for projects. When you live at the end of a road in the country, you don't have to worry about what the neighbors (or the housing association members, or apartment complex owners) think.

Country people have a huge advantage in regard, and it doesn't make any difference what color your neck turns in the sunshine.

LJ said...