Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thunderheads Off the Greenbrier

Thunderclouds rising off Greenbrier River

Usually, when you look off the point of our ridge, you see another end of Droop Mountain, but Monday afternoon, these impressive thunderheads rose off the Greenbrier River as we watched. I've never seen anything quite like it here.

Thunderclouds rising off Greenbrier River


Unknown said...

i don't live on a mountain top--just the top of a tall(ish) building --150 feet or so up from street level, and street level is about 50 feet above sea level)

but i have lovely unobstructed views, and i love to watch the weather roll in.. to see the storms rolling down east, from NJ to Manhattan and into Queens.

I am 7 or so miles from the shore, and have no sight of it, but sometimes a stiff breeze brings a salty air.

and while NYC has so much ambient light that narry a star can be seen, Jupiter and Venus shine, bright and clear in the sky.

how wonderful our world is!
i suspect if my interest turned that way, i could find a lovely assortment of pretty bugs.. but why? i have all yours to look at!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful view, and you've found a way to garden in the sky, too. NYC has lots of nifty bugs--I've even met people who keep bee hives on rooftops. There are plenty of flowers for them.

The world is indeed an amazing place!