Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Tablet Weaving Links

Here are some links:
  • Durham Weaver--Susan Foulkes makes all the bands--tablet weaving, Sami bands, Baltic and Scandinavian pattern bands, Middle Eastern designs, tape weaving....kumihimo, and she weaves cloth, too. If you want to see amazing small looms, check out her blog and her books.
  • Tablet Weaving in Theory and Practice: Catherine Weaver's active blog features tablet patterns she's currently working on, as well as a library of her pattern drafts. You can find links to her self-published books, and learn about Tablet Weaving Draft Designer,  browser-based pattern drafting software that is currently kept up and improved upon.
  • TWIST--Tablet Weavers International Studies and Techniques--doesn't  look too interesting, unless you join in for $10 a year membership, but with membership you get journal archives back to 1996, current journal downloads, loads of articles from archaeology to tips and tricks, and a chance to contribute words or samples if you wish.
  • Reddit Tablet Weaving and Ravelry Tablet Weaving Group--Active groups, with advice and encouragement for beginners, things for sale, "in search of" notices, and show & tell opportunities.
Advice for beginners--handouts from enthusiastic tablet weaving instructors
Here are some videos on youtube: