Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jumping on the Blog Wagon

I've been resisting the urge to start a weblog--until now. I thought developing a Web site would be more interesting and educational for me. The structural possibilites are intriguing, and I've been playing with them happily for several months on my Pocahontas County Pages. By contrast, weblogs have a simple chronological organization just like my pen-and-paper journal. Nothing new there.

What tipped the balance? I need to generate some site traffic. After seven months, not one search engine has found Pocahontas County Pages. This is fine for most of what I've been doing--it's mostly for my own enjoyment and edification. However, I would like my Pocahontas County Adult Basic Education and GED FAQ's to be available to the people who need them. I've read several sources that recommend a fake blog to drive traffic to for-profit sites. I'm going to find out if a real weblog will drive a little traffic to my public service Web pages.