Monday, June 25, 2007

Cydnid on Indian Hemp Blossom

I found several of these pretty little cydnids, Sehirus cinctus, on Indian hemp, Apocynum cannabinum, on the point of our ridge. They're small (around 5 mm), and shiny black, making natural light photography a challenge. They're fairly common, and a string search shows they are popular creatures on the Internet. There are many on-line articles and pdf "reprints" available on their behavior and chemistry. Here are a couple of photo-rich html links:


Marvin said...
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Marvin said...

Thanks for this post. I had a couple of shots of Sehirus cinctus sitting in my "unidentified" folder. Now, they're identified, tagged and labeled. And, by following the links, I know a lot more about the white-margined burrower bug than I did when I woke up yesterday morning.