Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Night At the Porch Light

Polyphemus moth Polyphemus moth

Friday's late afternoon thunderstorm was followed by a flock of moths at the porch light. This Polyphemus moth was the most spectacular. I am always thrilled to see the "Giant Silk Moths."

Polyphemus moth Polyphemus moth


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one fabulous moth.

Marvin said...

Large moth; small world, where it's not that far from Appalachia to the Ozarks. Believe it or not, while waiting for your page to load, I made one of my many nightly trips to see if my porch light had attracted anything interesting. Yes, I photographed a Polyphemus moth, plus a colorful little something that I have no idea what is. So far, "my" Polyphemus hasn't unfolded its wings.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Harry, this was a particularly large Polyphemus, and must have just emerged from his cocoon that evening. I turned off the porch light after my photo session, so perhaps I didn't have any negative effect on reproductive cycles.

Marvin, although it's that time of year, it's been several seasons since I've seen a Polyphemus moth here. Interesting that we'd both get a "hit" about the same time, so far apart!

Larry said...

Lucky you! I have yet to see a Polyphemus this year.