Monday, February 26, 2007

We Pick on the Poor Possum

Possum in the window 1

Our pint-sized possum was quite persistent. We heard him hissing and growling under the house about 4 am Sunday morning, apparently in a dispute with the small skunk that has moved in. Sunday afternoon, he was back in the kitchen window. It was snowing, we were feeling slightly shack-whacky, and this is what happened. We hope to see him only at a distance in the future.

Possum in the window 2 Possum in the window 3 Possum out the window

Some possum links:

  • Animal Facts: Virginia Opossum
  • The Possum Network, where Possum history, culture, and business are discussed with due seriousness.
    Welcome to 'Possum Network, the home page of America's only native Marsupial, the Virginia Opossum. Love a Koala? Dream of seeing a kangaroo some day? Why not take a look at a home grown North American marsupial. These pages chronicle the meeting of man and woman with one of creation's other fine critters - the Virginia Opossum. So, see what John Smith saw before he gazed upon Pocahontas. Learn why Teddy Bears might just be a passing phase. Watch American culture.
  • The National Opossum Society has information and recommendations about possums, their care and feeding.

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