Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sewing, Linux and Social Bookmarking banner

I've been trying to understand Web 2.0, and social networking. Really, I have. For me, Technorati, Digg, and other hip sites just aren't very interesting. I keep checking back every few months, though. Last week I made my first interesting discovery using the social bookmarking tool You'll see by my sidebar that I like Linux and sewing. Here's a website relevant to both topics: patterns for Tux

Welcome to the free-penguin project page. This project provides 'executables' that enable you to make your own soft-toy Linux® penguin.

Hardware Requirements: First research efforts have shown that at least a needle, a long thread, black and white plushy fabric as well as yellow textile are necessary. Other assets that might be needful are thimbles, more thread and scissors. Warning: Before you start, make sure that you know what you are doing. Doing things on a trial-and-error basis in the fields we are dealing with here can do a lot of harm.

And they have a blog! Will this sew a button back on my Mozilla toolbar? Only time will tell.


Dave said...

I don't understand soical bookmarking as a phenomenon either, but started using last week so I could list cool web links on my sidebar. It's very good for that - simple javascript, an archival page, that's all I wanted. Nifty blog appendage.

Rebecca Clayton said...

The promise was that we could all learn new things through exploring each other's bookmarks. Blogs are a great way of sharing links, but I'd be never find you on if I didn't know you from your blog (where there are many ways you could list your links besides
I'm just a cranky geek--"I knew that folksonomy stuff was a lot of nonsense! Why, in my day...."