Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letter Home From Elk Fork, 1861

I ran across this Civil War letter home, written at Elk Fork by a Yankee soldier. AC Blue Eagle has been posting a long series of such letters home. They make fascinating reading. On the way to Missionary Ridge, letters of Pvt. Sam T. Smith, 15th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment "August 28, 1861, Elk Fork Camp, Randolph County, Va."

We have not had a fight yet. I understand that one Company run themselves in danger today but got out safe, I think. I understand that there is a part of General Lee's troops that worked way back between us and Clarksburg to try to cut off our supplies, but we will catch them at it. I now got orders to have my gun in trim tonight as they don't know but what we will have to go out on double quick. If they want anything out of us let them pitch in, we will give the best we have. We have seven pieces of cannon here at this time. There are so many lies in Camp that I don't believe anything I hear. It is the greatest place to manufacture lies that I ever saw. There is some more weary news about going home in Camp this evening, but as for my part, I am easy about it, but I don't think we will come home until the war is over. Lizzie you must be cheerful, hold up your head as though you were not alone. Give my respects to all friends and relation. Tell Joe to be a good boy. No more at present, but remember your husband, Sam T. Smith...

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