Sunday, February 25, 2007


Possum in the kitchen window

We thought it would be fun to feed the birds right over the kitchen sink. It doesn't matter where we put the bird seed, though. The mammals find it.


Anonymous said...

Odd looking thing, with all that wispy hair.

We don't have them on this side of the Atlantic; the only mamals I've had on the bird feeders are squirrels and rats. My brother's had a mouse on his, though.

Unknown said...

possum aren't mammals, they are marsupials! now the raccoons and squirrels (mammals both) might join in the feast--but if you've got possums, you've got yourself one of North America's few marsupials.

(they are still indigious in NYC--and can be found in many of NYC's larger parks, (even an occational fox or vixen can be seen!) --but are most often seen as road kill.) Its nice to see a hale and healthy one.

Rebecca Clayton said...

He's just a little fellow, but he seems to be wintering well. We won't be feeding in the windowsill for long, because bears also love sunflower seeds, and they can be rather hard on the feeders. I don't want to see a bear over the kitchen faucet.

I love the mouse photo! What kind of mouse is that?

We in the northern hemisphere tend to be placenta-centric, but marsupials (and monotremes) are also mammals. I have some links on my second possum post.

Harry said...

"What kind of mouse is that?"

I have no idea, to be honest. Since I mainly see them when the cats bring them in, my main concern is whether or not they're dead.

Taxlady said...
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Anonymous said...
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