Monday, February 09, 2009

Windmill, Iowa, 1970

Iowa windmill picture, 1970

I meant to post this photograph with the wind power links of a few days ago, but I forgot. This is the windmill on our family farm in southwestern Iowa, photographed in 1970 several years after we abandoned the hand-dug well for the livestock's water. I took the picture with my mother's 1952 Exakta 35mm camera, and I developed the negatives and made prints in my basement darkroom. I love my digital Nikon, and the lenses are a dream, but I sure miss the smell of the developer and stop bath, and the magic appearance of an image on a blank photo paper in the dim amber light.


Larry said...

That's quite a photo, Rebecca, and my appreciation is enhanced by reading about the primitive technology which made it possible 39 years ago.

I never developed my own prints, but my father had a darkroom for many years where he processed his B&W photos. Digital photography and image-processing is almost too easy in comparison, but I'm not tempted to regress.

I know a man who drives a milk delivery truck. One of his hobbies is taking B&W photos with ancient cameras. He has a Flickr site; I'll see if I can dig up the link. Sometimes deliberate restriction of options can lead to some inspired images.

Unknown said...
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