Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pocahontas History Goes Live

It's got an URL now, and there's something relevant on its index page: Pocahontas County History has gone live on the Web. After all the time I've put into Drupal and the study of archive management arcana, I had hoped to have something more to show for my time. Still, I've got an actual mission statement and some relevant Pocahontas County links, so I guess it beats a "Coming Soon!" page.

If you see typographical errors, factual errors, or can think of a better title for the website, let me know.

The next thing I'll roll out is the Archon database, with its slender but well-organized catalog of Pocahontas County Historical Society archives. (Barring unforeseen disasters, which are common.) After that, Drupal, and then some cool old pictures and local history.

I hesitate to forecast how quickly this will happen because unexpected (but not unwelcome) things have been happening here on the ridge. This project's time line had the content management systems already in place by now.


Larry said...

Congratulations, Rebecca! It's easy to take for granted the effort it takes to pull together such a site.

My county needs a site like this!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful service, Rebecca. I, too, which my county had something like this. And I have some idea how much work this has been.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks, guys!

There are some wonderful local history sites out there--Canada seems to be particularly good at getting such projects going.

The best part is all the cool old stuff people show me. It's overwhelming.

pb1phil said...

I have a wolf river apple tree