Saturday, July 07, 2007

Prunella vulgaris (Healall), and a Pollinator

Prunella vulgaris, heal-all

Prunella vulgaris, a species described by Linnaeus, is an Old World member of the mint family. You can find it here in any meadow or hay field. It's neither big nor showy, but I've always thought it is very pretty. It has many common names, but I know it as heal-all. If even a few of the medicinal uses listed in the following links have any validity, "panacea" would be an equally appropriate name.

Prunella vulgaris, heal-all, with bumblebee Prunella vulgaris, heal-all


Larry said...

I've always enjoyed encounters with Prunella, a plant which, although common, is anything but "vulgaris". Very shapely blossoms, and the leaves have a mild minty odor when crushed.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Have you seen the new "Pollinator" stamps?
They're really pretty and good PR for pollinators.