Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Daytime Deer

Buck in velvet

The deer walk all around here, at dusk and dawn, and at night we turn on the electric fence to keep them out of the garden. To save electricity, we turn it off in the daytime. Lately, though, the deer have been out in the open all morning long. They learn about the garden at a very early age.

Fawn in picnic canopy fawn in garden


Reya Mellicker said...

What beautiful portraits! Especially the first one. It looks like she was posing for you.

Your robins are just now nesting? Here all the birds have hatched; it's all over with. Now all the bird calls are either baby mocks or that harsh squawking of the sparrows, arguing over the food.

Happy spring/summer!

Rebecca Clayton said...

All the deer have different, unique faces, if you get to see them well enough. Just like us. The robins are out of the nest now. I hope nothing eats them! We're at least two weeks behind DC most years, and it can stay fairly cool here on the ridge tops. Or, it can get really hot and sticky. You never know.