Friday, July 13, 2007

Chrysomelid on Hillbilly Tomato

chrysomelid beetle on tomato leaf

I've been withholding this photo until I could identify the chrysomelid beetle making lace of my Hillbilly tomato plants, but I have had no success, even though these are familiar, common garden pests. There are just so many tiny little chrysomelids, and garden pest websites seem to lack any fondness for beetles, simply asserting that you kill them all the same way. (Presumably, God, who is inordinately fond of them, will sort them out.) Fortunately, my tomato plants have grown vigorously, and the leaves are now too tough for these little eating machines.

I've explored the possibility that this is the Three-Lined Potato Beetle, but I don't think ths picture is adequate for identification.

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