Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow On Snow

It snowed twice last week, piling one snowfall on another, and we've had one night colder than any time last winter. Yesterday's rain has turned into today's snow, and we can expect more of the same. The new house looks sad and spectral, and the sky is more like mid-January than the end of autumn. I'm reminding myself how lucky we are to have the old house and a warm wood fire, but I can't help taking in a little gloom from the atmosphere.


Reya Mellicker said...

You think your house looks spectral? I think it looks great - though the snow must be putting a dent in the construction schedule.

Snow already? Oh how I would love to see some snow down here. Not yet, unfortunately.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca. I am grateful to "know" you. Oh yeah.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Actually, we're waiting on the sawmill--our lumber is cut, but the drying kiln fans are broken down. We may be putting up siding at Christmas. Or Easter. Oh well. We didn't plan on finishing before next summer.

I'm thankful for your acquaintance too, Reya! I learn a lot from you, and I love seeing DC from a walker's perspective once more.

Larry said...

You have snow already? Here in Hannibal we've just had a few brief flurries. The week after Thanksgiving is when we often have the first snow that "sticks".

I've been enjoying seeing the progress of the new house. With any luck there will be some interior progress this winter once you get it entirely closed in.

Rebecca Clayton said...

We have a heater and a wood stove we could set up in the new house if only we could get it closed in....It'll happen when it happens.

This long stretch of cold weather before Thanksgiving is very unusual. The kids have had three snow days already! I wonder what will happen next?