Sunday, November 09, 2008

Recyling Craft Projects--How About a Rug?

I always get on a "recycling" kick this time of year--usually with fabric scraps. One year it was rayon scrap window quilts; last year it was compacting the denim scrap collection; another year it was converting some heavy handknit pullovers to cardigans. Maybe that's why I keep noticing things like Plastic Bag knitting. I've actually tried this, and wasn't that pleased with the results; however, plastic bag crochet might be a little more promising; as crochet gives a firmer fabric.

Cocoknits, the source for Plastic Bag knitting, also has tutorials for knitting bathmats out of rag strips. Her project looks fabulous in her photo, but I have made such, and, once washed, they are quite disappointing. However, this reminded me of the wonderful world of rag rugs. Woven, braided, crocheted, hooked--I've never gotten beyond the initial experimentation stage. I wonder if I have enough denim scraps? Here are a few Web resources on rag rug projects.

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