Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lost In the Archives--Using Drupal

I've been test-driving content management systems, both general-purpose Web site packages and archive/collections management tools. I've decided I really like Archon, The Simple Archival Information System. It works on Mac, *nix, and Windows, its easy to install, and it can work as an archive manager, a digital collections manager, and an online exhibit manager. The other tools I've reviewed and tried out don't suit my purposes, or else, like Omeka, look promising, but are not quite ready for prime-time.

The "regular" content management systems for Web development are more problematic for me. I've narrowed my choice to a couple of systems I've installed and test-driven locally. Wordpress is easy to get started with, but it seems to turn everything I try to do into a blog with a few static pages on the side. I know it can do much more, but I'm not sure it's a good use of my time to bend it to my will. Drupal will do everything I can imagine, but I'm getting lost in the nine million alternative modules, themes, and add-ons. I need to read about what other people have done on projects similar to mine. With that in mind, I've assembled these links:

Using Drupal

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