Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fabric Shopping Online

Lest I misplace it again, here is the online accompaniment to an article in Threads magazine: Online Fabric Shopping: A List of Resources. If you quilt, there are several places to buy fabric in our area, but for wearables, I've shopped online for a long time now. As the article's author, Carol Fresia, says:

For lots of sewers, the pleasure of wandering through a local fabric shop, touching swatches of fine yardage and dreaming up future garment wonders, is a thing of the past. So where do you go when you need--or just want--to purchase fabric? In Threads #120, I discuss the many advantages of shopping for fabric via the Internet.

Her list includes my three favorite sources:, Sew Sassy Fabrics, and Dharma Trading Company, as well as many I've never seen before. This long, unannotated list will mean hours of browsing pleasure (or wasted time--you decide).


The Tile Lady said...

Thanks! This is wonderful!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Glad to pass it along. Have fun!