Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Wishes

Mt. Olivet Methodist Church, Droop Mountain, WV

This picturesque old church is our polling place on Droop Mountain. I am so glad Election Day is here. I heartily wish that all the TV "journalists" who have covered the election for the last two years will be unemployed tomorrow, and that their positions will be filled by actual reporters who go out and gather information about events of the day.

I also wish unemployment on all misogynist campaign staffers, pundits, and commentators, whatever their gender or political affiliation. I don't care whether they called an older candidate "shrill" and "shrewish," or a younger candidate a "bimbo." They are ashamed to be called "racist;" why should "sexist" still be OK? Unemployment would give these people time to reflect on this contradiction, and would free up gainful employment for those who deserve it more.

I also hope that everyone else will exercise the franchise in a stress-free, pleasant voting experience.

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