Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Projectile Points

Projectile points from Droop Mountain and Caesar Mountain

The point on the left came out of our garden here five years ago, while the one on the right came from tilling a garden on Caesar Mountain about 30 years ago. They are both about two inches long. Both are still sharp enough to cut skin. (Don't even ask....) Someone who knows more than I do about such things tells me they are from the Archaic period, she guesses about 3000 years ago, and that they came from a flint quarry in what is now Greenbrier County. I haven't had too much luck finding out how these things (arrowheads? they seem very large for arrows) are classified through my local library, so I did some Internet poking about, and found these references.

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warts on hands said...

I think this are spears of the warriors in their times. These are pretty impressive and they are precious ones.