Thursday, November 23, 2006


White tailed deer, doe and fawn

I learned a new word this week: Buckeggy. I asked the people who used it how they would spell it, and, while no one had seen fit to write it until now, this was the consensus (although it might be hyphenated). It refers to what happens when an otherwise calm person sights a big buck while deer hunting, and gets too excited to aim and shoot. It affects kids and seasoned hunters alike. It seems to work like stage fright, and it has little to do with experience.

Happy Deer Season!


Dave said...

Buck fever, in other words. I'll have to ask our hunter friends if they've ever heard the word.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Let me know what you discover, or if there are alternative words. Around here, "buck fever" also can refer to the tendency of hunters to talk of nothing else but "What a buck!" during the season.