Monday, November 13, 2006

Exploring Applique

I've been experimenting a bit with machine applique. Here are a few links I found with nice, simple applique designs suitable for novice users such as myself.

  • Free Applique Patterns - free sewing patterns - free patterns!
    Our free applique patterns are just waiting for you to print them and cut them out of your favorite materials! The free sewing patterns are simple and easy to sew. These applique patterns are also great to use for applique on quilts. Join Free Applique Patterns newsletter to be notified when more free patterns are posted on this site. Happy sewing!
  • lots of simple applique patterns from Quiltmaker print magazine
  • Cats Who Quilt
    Since this crazy page went up eight years ago, thousands of cat-loving quilters have written to tell me about their cat fabric stashes, their cat quilt patterns--and of course, their cats. I had no idea what a collective nerve I was striking in cyberspace when I came up with this page. I've heard from quilters as faraway as Australia and the Far East telling me how they were snatching up cat print fabrics, just like I am, to make into a cat quilt "someday." You'll find on this Web site links to cat quilt patterns around the of cat quilting fabric on how to search for out-of-print cat quilt stories of real-life cat quilters.

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