Saturday, October 04, 2008

Famous Wolf River Apples

Ever since I moved to Pocahontas County, people have been telling me about the old-time apple variety "Wolf River." This was once a popular variety, but most trees have died out. Apple fans say of them, "One apple, one pie." Last week, a neighbor brought us some Wolf River apples--the three red ones in the picture. The green apple is a normal-sized variety. I've been assured that these are smallish specimens. I really like the color and texture of the skin. I'll be cutting into these today, but I had to catch a picture of them first.


A Colorful World said...

Beautiful apples! Are they as delicious at they look? Could you get cuttings from a nursery, or are they just too rare now? I would be interested! I would love to see them continue on and on, and not die out!

Rebecca Clayton said...

They were really good! Sweet enough for eating raw, they held together well as fried apples, too.

It's possible to buy Wolf River nursery stock, but they are hard to find, and opinions differ--are they the same, or have the new trees changed?

We have so many deer that I haven't been able to start any new trees, bushes, or grape vines, so I haven't tried to track down old time apple seedlings myself.

Sherry said...

Beautiful. Looking at them makes my mouth water.

Unknown said...

We have a 50+ year old wolf river tree on our farm, they really are a delicious apple and they trees are amazingly strong and resilient. If you guys would like some seeds from an apple I could send you some after this years production. Email me and I'll try to see if I can help.