Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Compacting the Denim Scrap Collection

Denim strips for patchwork projects

This overflowing box of rolled up denim strips represents about 20 pairs of worn-out jeans and overalls. I am so delighted with how much space this treatment saves that I am sorting my wool and corduroy scrap collections, considering treating them the same way.

Bib Overall Pocket on patchwork tote bag

I've cut the denim into three-inch wide strips, because strips such as these work so well for denim patchwork. Sewn with a half-inch seams, the weight and hand are very good for all sorts of projects. I sewed long denim strips together, interspersed with strips of other heavy fabrics, to made this Patchwork Denim Tote Bag.

I'm also pleased with this Rail Fence denim patchwork coverlet I finished this past spring. The six-by-six inch squares have a nice hand, not too stiff and not too floppy. I could make Rail Fence patterned coverlets for years and never repeat the effects, thanks to The Many Looks of Rail Fence Quilts from by Susan Druding.

Denim pieced coverlet, with backing and

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