Friday, April 13, 2007

Pulling My Sewing Projects Together

Adjusting the clothesline with the

After moaning yesterday that I had nothing to show for all my sewing, I decided it was time for some improvements around here. The clothesline, in particular needs adjustment. You never know what you'll need a tractor for. And here are three proof-of-concept knit tops. The green shirt on the left is made of wicking sports knit using Kwik-Sew 2900. The men's tee-shirt in the center is "Kwik-Sew 2334: Men's Boxers, Briefs, Tank Top and T-shirt," and the fuschia V-neck sweatshirt is from the Kwik-Sew Sweatshirts Unlimited book. These were test-pattern garments that turned out to be wearable.

Three knit shirts on the

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