Friday, November 04, 2005

Princess: Her Blogger Profile

Portrait of Princess, a fuzzy yellow cat

Here is the obligatory cat photograph, apparently a requirement of every personal weblog. This is Princess. She came with the house. She looks a little put out in every photo I take of her, because she doesn't like things pointed at her. No cameras, guns, or trucks, please. This speaks well for her intelligence. At all other times, she is a cheerful, friendly cat with a feline smile on her face. The previous house owner had a large, excitable Rottweiller, and Princess appreciates the dog's continued absence. She patrols the house and garden for small rodents, and nowadays is bringing us her surplus kills, urging us to eat while the hunting is good. A few winters back, she alerted us to the bear at the woodpile, saving us from a potentially unfortunate encounter in the dark. She enjoys lying in the sun, hunting, sleeping under the peony bushes, and eating deer meat.

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cHUKKAL said...

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