Friday, November 25, 2005

Fair Isle Hats as a Paradigm for Creativity

pink mohair Fair Isle hat

Despite my knitting disphoria, I have completed a few hats for Elaine Diller's Morningstar Folk Arts shop. The two Fair Isle patterned hats are knit of mohair and Unger "Fluffy," a synthetic with a heavy "halo" much like mohair. The hat with the white crown was a commission, and will only be seen in the store on someone's head. The pink and white hat with the simpler color work is already in the store, along with a couple of cabled silk skullcaps.

Last week, I gave away the cabled cap I'd been wearing, so I need to knit myself another one right smart now. Here's where I run out of inspiration. I have so many "favorite" bits of yarn, I can't decide what to use. This is the difference between making something that will look nice and wear well, and making the best hat I can think of. Suddenly, nothing is good enough.

This is similar to my problems with other projects--writing, sewing, home improvement. If I approach a project as something that has to be finished by a deadline, to spec, I generally do a good job. If it's open-ended, evaluated only by myself, "creative," I'm paralyzed. I need to quit doing this to myself.

Pink wool colorwork hat White Fair Isle mohair hat

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