Sunday, September 18, 2005


red cabled hat

You might expect from the title that this post will be about Linux, but it is actually just another finished hat picture. Knit of an interesting chunky Navajo-plied wool yarn, it is currently on consignment at the Appalachian by Design shop at the Greenbrier Resort. (See my September 2 post.) I know the cable-theme is getting a bit repetitious; I'm a little tired of it too, but it is a great way to use some of my odds and ends of strange yarns. I don't need to swatch these hats; I simply start from the top, a la Barbara Walker, increase every other round until the top measures between five and six inches across, then stop increasing and start knitting a pattern that will draw up, yet be stretchy. Ribs work well, and so do cables. Ever since I applied to join the Knitting Blog Webring, I feel the need to keep a knitting entry prominent on the lead page. I'm not sure what effect this has on people browsing for something about Pocahontas County. That is where I do my knitting, but does it have broader significance? Maybe something about the history of knitting in Pocahontas County. Don't laugh. I have data.

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