Thursday, September 22, 2005

Boring, Self-Concious Post About Blogging

When I started this web log, I resolved to post every other day, to not natter on endlessly and self-referentially about the blogging process, and to always include some little nugget of "content" that would inform or amuse. It wasn't long before I failed on all counts. I had three seven-day work-weeks in a row, and soon fell behind in my posting. When I had a little leisure to devote to the web log, I began to tweak the Blogger templates instead of posting. This was educational, but not very blog worthy. (I was surprised how inefficient, how wasteful of bandwidth the templates are. I should write my own. If only I hadn't spent so many hours playing with them already!) Oh, I also got approved for the Knitting Blogger Webring. Go ahead, push my button!

Over at Hoarded Ordinaries, Lorianne has kindly provided a link to her teaching web log. I really enjoyed following this last school year. I fantasized about having an able and willing group of students working at that level. Whenever I snag a capable writing student, I have to tell him or her, "Go take the GED exam!" I'm currently working with a young lady with several barriers to self-expression. I think she has lots of potential, but all communication is a physical struggle for her. My focus is finding technological solutions for her. I can't help but envy Lorianne a little bit.


Lorianne said...

Oh, don't worry...once I collect my first pile of papers, I'll envy you instead. ;-)

Rebecca Clayton said...

I hadn't really thought about the paper-grading's been a long time since I had a pile of papers to grade, and they were always lab reports, which have "objective" standards. Then, too, there was always the hope of some entertaining error, like the student who wrote of convergent evolution between South American lemurs and African ungulates.