Monday, January 31, 2011

More Game Camera Surprises--Owl and Pussycat

We continue to experiment with positioning the gamecamera for flash on snow. Saturday and Sunday nights saw some interesting activity. On Saturday, a raccoon and skunk visited early in the evening. Around 9:45, this Barred Owl dropped in and stayed for more than half an hour. It was too far away from the camera for a good picture, but I included these because I didn't know owls scavenged on carrion, and I wanted to show proof.

A gray fox passed through around 3 am.

Sunday, we tried half-covering the flash with electrical tape, and this gave better pictures. We had a possum, a gray fox, and two different racoons, but the bobcat really obliged us with some close passes by the camera. This is probably why Princess has been staying on the porch in the evenings.


Rick Lee said...

Wow... these are fun!

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow these are so cool! That bobcat could be a tiger - gorgeous, and scary!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Hi, Rick! We really do have fun with the game camera.

Reya, there are some really BIG bobcats around here, and last summer, and on those rare occaisons when I see one, I get as excited (and as spooked) as if I'd seen a tiger. Thrilling!

Sherry said...

Gorgeous cat! Thank you.

Marvin said...

I didn't know owls were scavengers either, but many birds of prey -- like our national symbol bird -- are so I guess I should be surprised.

A great improvement in shots of the bobcat. Nice images!

I'm reminded of something I once read about a fellow having problems with critters getting into his garbage cans. He set up a game camera to learn the critters' identity. After a couple of total failures, he ended up with photos of a very startled "sanitation worker" making his early morning rounds.

Grim said...

Nice images! For me, it's the first time to see a bobcat. It's so big!