Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011: The Year In Trees

Marvin and Sherry clued me in to this interesting project, The Tree Year. Here's how it works:

The Tree Year

How to start:

  1. Pick a tree – either one you like a lot or one that you see every day on your way to work or that happens to live on your balcony.
  2. Observe it: every day or once a week or less. What grabs your attention? What kind of animals are and what kind of plants grow on it?
  3. Write about your observation, make sketches or take photographs and share it with us.

Now, I could get totally hung up at step 1, "Pick a tree." I am overwhelmed by my choices here on Droop Mountain. I was feeling a little panicky about picking a "good one." And what if my tree blew down in a high wind, or became firewood? However, the FAQ's inform me that we can "change the project idea [so] that it fits you." In fact, I see on the Tree Year site that Marvin has picked both a persimmon tree and a sweet gum tree.

Sherry has chosen a dogwood, another awesome tree. Before all the "good" trees are taken, I'm gonna call Staghorn Sumac! There's a stand here close to the house, and it does so many interesting things. Check these lichens on a sumac branch (from a post here in February, 2009). I'll probably never get a photograph of the pileated woodpeckers eating sumac fruits, but they do dine there regularly.

Thanks, Marvin and Sherry, for alerting me to this, and thanks to The Tree Year for the idea.


Crafty Green Poet said...

those are beautiful lichens! It's nice to be spoilt for choices with trees! I've chosen two!

Marvin said...

Welcome aboard! Very colorful lichens. I hope you get lucky and are able to get a shot of that pileated woodpecker. (My wife wanted to participate so I ceded to her.)