Friday, January 21, 2011

A Bobcat Visit

We don't have the knack for game camera pictures in the snow yet, but we're working on it. This bobcat is last night's visitor to deer season's leftovers.

There's a little pale spot at the base of a tree in the second photo. It's of the same quality as a Bigfoot picture, but I think I see a pair of eyes:

Bobcat number two?


Marvin said...

Well, you've got better bobcat photos than I've ever taken, though we do see bobcats out during the day every once in a great while.

The second critter does, indeed, look like something cat-like.

Rebecca Clayton said...

There were lots of cat tracks last night--either one bobcat is pacing, or we have multiple visitors.

Harry said...

Maybe I'm just jealous that you have anything as exciting as bobcats visiting you, but your blob looks like a camera artifact to me. If I had to guess I'd say it was a snowflake, and the 'eyes' are just noise.

It still beats the hell out of my urban foxes, though.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Harry, my husband agrees about the snowflake; he thanks you and says skeptics should stick together.

I'm still not convinced, because of the location--it's right on the path where the animals have been coming up the mountain to the carcass. Although I'll have to agree the image is too poor for any conclusion. Maybe it IS Bigfoot?

Do you have any fox pictures? I saw badgers (much different than our fierce animal) and hedgehogs in Britain, but no foxes. I did make some birders laugh at me for exclaiming, "That looks just like a MAGPIE!"

Harry said...

I actually don't think I've got any good fox pictures, despite the fact that we see them *all the time*. Walking back at night after a party I once counted 14 in about 25 minutes. And we see them during the day a lot as well; I actually saw one when birding at the London Wetland Centre last week, and I kept expecting it to slink off, but in the end I walked up to about four feet away and it showed no concern whatsoever.