Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Bobcat Visits

A few nights ago, the SD card popped out of the game camera, and we thought we didn't get any pictures. However, the built-in drive in the game camera told a different story.

The racoon didn't linger long under the bobcat's spooky gaze. Sherry's racoon had a more pleasant evening, I think.

Last night, we tried moving the camera farther away from the carcass to avoid wash-out effect of too much flash. The color is a little better, and you can see in our kitchen window.

"Red-eye removal" isn't an option here.


Marvin said...

Your raccoon looks more intimidated by the bobcat than Sherry's was by human presence. Smart coon.

Sherry said...

What Marvin said.

Unlikely our raccoons will run into any cat bigger than the Creamsickle. A coyote maybe.

Impressive photos -- I guess you all sort of tend to stay in at night?

Rebecca Clayton said...

Marvin, last night, the racoons seem to have had the carcass all to themselves. All things come to those who wait, I guess.

Sherry, I only worry about the bears, who have been strangely absent this year. Now, since the bobcats have been coming around, Princess has curtailed her nightime rambles severely.