Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shitake Mushroom Harvest

shitake mushrooms

We've been growing shitake mushrooms for several years now. Some of the innoculated logs seemed to be on their last legs, and we were expecting to cull a number of them this fall. We have been pleasantly surprised--all 56 logs have produced like the ones below. We're currently drying them as fast as we can. This is in contrast to the garden--the vegetable garden, where all sorts of insects have been more fecund than most of my seeds and plants. Looks like we'll have something homegrown to eat this winter.

three shitake logs

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mysticalfeet said...

OH YUM!! I love shitakes. I've been thinking about getting a log for our household. 56 logs?! Do you sell them, too, or are they all for you?