Sunday, August 20, 2006

Death Trumpets

Earlier this month, we found these chanterelle mushrooms, which W.C. Roody's Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians calls Black Trumpets or Death Trumpets. Once I'd convinced myself that "Death Trumpets" referred to their funeral aspect and not to the results of ingestion, we tried cooking them. Although we had just a small handful, these chanterelles didn't reduce in volume when cooked. Their taste was very strong--much too strong to eat as a dish on their own. Our tiny handful should probably have been dried and used a teaspoon full at a time to flavor soups and egg dishes. Live and learn. I wonder if we'll ever find these again.


Dave said...

I've eaten them too -- whatever guide I consulted used the more appealing name "horn of plenty" -- but don't remember them being so strong tasting. But then, i think i smothered them in a tomato-based pasta sauce. This year, I was content just to photograph them. We have so few, it seems a shame to pick them all and deprive others of the pleasure of looking at them.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Spaghetti sauce! That would have been perfect. I'll know better next time. There were several smaller patches besides the large patch we picked. I'd seen these before, but only as single 'shrooms.