Monday, January 24, 2011

Knitted Fuchsia Flowers in Ivory Silk

These socks are the fourth pair in my series of "Disappointing Silk/Wool Yarns by Rowan." By that, I don't mean the socks are disappointing, just that the silk/wool blends were not pleasant to knit. The heathery blue yarns were known as "Grainy Silk," and the solid colors (seen above and here) were "Silkstones." They looked luscious in the skeins, but the strands break easily and are inelastic in the knitting. In the wearing, they stretch out and don't spring back, making for slouchy socks. Fortunately, the silk/wool blend is warm and toasty to wear, and I don't mind slouchy socks.
The yarn is just too string-like for Fair Isle patterns, twist-stitch patterns, cable patterns, or any of my other sock-knitting preferences. This time, I thought I would try a bit of open-work, and find out whether I like wearing lacy socks.
The pattern I went with is from Barbara G. Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It's found in her "Patterns Made with Yarn-Over Stitches" Chapter (page 149 in my edition), and it's called "Fuchsia Pattern." I'm assuming it's after the lovely pendant flowers, not the color.
If I were naming the pattern, I'd be inclined to call it Virginia Bluebells, but, according to Ms. Walker: This is a popular pattern in traditional knitting, known in some form or another throughout Europe. This particular version is German. Perhaps that is reason enough to name it after a flower that is itself named after a Bavarian botanist, Leonhart Fuchs.
In any case, the pattern is easy and makes a pretty ribbing. I will soon know whether I like wearing socks knit with sizable yarn-over "holes."


Unknown said...

i am sure you will
small lacy holes actually act as air traps--and on all but the windiest days, they lace traps air and lace is surprisingly warm.
Nylon hose does the same thing-the fine mesh (not enough fiber to really be warm,feels warm. its the thin layer of trapped air (caught in the mesh) that is really providing the warmth, not the nylon

Rebecca Clayton said...

Your lacy socks are my inspiration! I'm not concerned about warmth--I'm sure you're right about that. I'm wondering more about skin irritation and blisters and such. I'll know directly.