Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Blog Post Per Day for November, 2007

NABLOPOMO 2007 Badge

Last November, I participated in Nablopomo, National Blog Posting Month, and posted every day for a month, whether I had something sensible to say or not. It was a helpful exercise, and convinced me to do more with my blog. I decided to try it again this year, even though the "badge" and "buttons" feature the Lolcat emblem of I can has cheezburger?, which I suspect may be the harbinger of the End of Western Civilization. I suppose nothing lasts forever.

The NABLOPOMO Randomizer is a nifty feature that sends you to a randomly chosen participant blog. Last year, I blog-hopped quite a bit and observed that the crowd was dominated by the young, the hip, and the suburban, and the drawing for prizes featured the donated handicrafts of people utterly devoured by irony. Still, I found many interesting, regularly updated blogs I wouldn't have read otherwise. It looks as though this year's participants will include a more diverse assortment, although the prizes remain resolutely too hip to live.

I haven't broken the "30 posts per month" barrier yet in 2007, so that's my goal. Oh, and I've got to memorize four poems. I promised Sherry. I'm starting to look longingly at limericks.

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Sherry said...

Cathy Smith Bowers has published A Book of Minutes, a collection of poems that have only 60 syllables. You might try those.


But I will forgive you your promise, since I didn't really keep mine but fell down on the last week.