Friday, December 01, 2006

A Post a Day Keeps a Body In Motion

NaBloPoMo icon

I posted something to my weblog every day in the month of November. I hope this qualifies me to display some sort of emblem of accomplishment in my template, although our intrepid facilitator is still working on this. There is also a drawing for prizes for NaBloPoMo-ers, but I am afraid the prizes just drive home to me how old, unhip, and uncool I am. Ironic sock monkeys, gourmet dog treats, and free psychic readings via phone just don't hold a lot of attraction for me. I hope the people who win these prizes enjoy and appreciate them.

For my part, this exercise made me raise the priority of my personal writing projects. I was hoping it might free up some suppressed creativity, make me see my writing in a new light, or show me some previously unidentified topic that I want to write about. As far as I can tell now, it just got me posting every day, even when I didn't really have time, or a complete idea, or something worthwhile to say. I don't see any November posts about new, intriguing topics, or special insights into anything. Wait--I have three posts about internal combustion vehicles. I've never posted about things automotive before. What can this mean? Am I trying to get in touch with my inner grease monkey? Well, anyway, it's something new for me. And consider this: November is over, and I'm writing a new post. Perhaps a habit is born.

Because I was successful with this month-long commitment to a project, I have been thinking of trying it again. I have decided that, for the month of December, I will practice a tune a day (concertina, banjo, piano accordion, whatever feels right). While I have the technology to share this over the Web, I will refrain from doing so. (The definition of a gentleman is, after all, "A man who can play the accordion, but doesn't.") I might, if it seems the least bit interesting, list my December tunes in weekly blog entries.


Dave said...

I, for one, would love it if you posted banjo and/or accordion tunes. Be that as it may, though, I enjoyed the variety of stuff you posted about here in the past month, even if I didn't always comment. This blog is never boring.

Rebecca Clayton said...

I probably will put up a mp3 file, if only as a curiosity, before the month is out. I really appreciate your comments. I usually think of my blog as having something to bore everyone--natural history for the knitters, obscure literary quotations for nature fans, so I'm delighted to hear you like the strange mix.