Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Student Blogs!

I apologize to the Powers That Blog for my two-day absence from the Blogosphere. I was, instead, present in the material world (Pocahontas County) in my guise as substitute teacher for second and third graders, and as homebound teacher to a high school student. Teachers of young children have a perk that I never really appreciated before--they find out EVERYTHING that's going on in the community. Preschoolers and kindergarten classes are most forthcoming with the things their parents don't imagine they know, but the older children can give you better details, and answer questions. Never fear, parents of Pocahontas County! Your secrets will not be blogged (at least not in a recognizable way, I hope).

My high school student, on the other hand, has started her own blog. I'm very excited about this. I worked with her last year a bit, and I'm looking forward to her blog as a new way to share ideas and writing assignments.

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