Sunday, December 04, 2005

Denim Quilts and Project Multiplication

I've been on a tear this week, trying to tie up some loose ends on a variety of projects. I've been revising my Web pages, updating content and switching to a more sophisticated CSS design; I've been finishing sewing projects, and I've been sorting through my fabric scraps, with an eye toward making a wall-hanging or curtain to cut down cold drafts this winter. As a result, I've made no progress on any of my half-dozen half-written weblog entries.

You know how it is. A push to finish old projects always spawns new and unanticipated projects. When all the old clothes were cut up and sorted, I realized I had enough fabric to make a denim quilt from old blue jeans. That's why today I'm presenting another list of links, this time for blue jeans quilts.

  • Working with Denim in a Quilt. Really good tips on denim patchwork projects.
  • Blue Jeans Quilts from the "Straw Into Gold/Crystal Palace Yarns" people.
  • Blue Jeans Quilt Gallery. Inspiring photos, along with some how-to's.
  • Denim Quilt (2000). An inspiring denim quilt by Sandra J. Loosemore, who says "Sewing with a fabric as heavy as denim presents some interesting challenges to the quilter. The main problem is that typical block-based quilt designs would result in seams that are too bulky at the points where the blocks meet. If you look closely at this design, you'll see that there is no block. The square pieces are connected with the longer strips in a continuous basket-weave pattern. From a topological point of view, there are points where three pieces meet, but no points at which four or more pieces meet."

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