Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seed Catalog Fantasies

As the weather gets really really cold, I'm daydreaming about starting this year's garden. The Internet makes this a particularly hazardous exercise, because I am not limited by the garden catalogs which come in the mail. I can covet plants from all over the world. Seed Savers Exchange is a particular favorite for these fantasies.

An old-time variety potato sampler--20 pounds representing eight varieties for $67.50. Ah, if only the weather and the tater bugs were not such unforgiving variables!

Butterfly weed--I really love milkweeds, but with house building, the "landscaping" is not ready for store bought perennials.

Prickly Caterpillars--I'd love to grow these, but I'm not sure what they're for. Seed Savers says "Low-growing plants make a nice ground cover and are sure to be the best conversation piece in your garden. In days past, caterpillars were added to salads to surprise unexpected diners, but not meant to be eaten, mostly because they are so hairy. Try growing in containers, if space is tight. Great historic novelty that should be grown in every garden."


Larry said...

I'm ready for spring too! I'll be planting various herbs and vegetables in raised beds down in my courtyard.

Butterfly weed is an utterly cool perennial. It's easy to establish and the really nice trait is that the roots can be dug and divided; within a few years you can have the plants all over the place. I use root hormone on the cut root surfaces.

Rebecca Clayton said...

You know, I actually had some die out when I lived in the Washington D.C. suburbs...of course, there was all sorts of garbage used in my yard for "fill dirt." I'm keeping an eye out for butterfly weed in the roadsides around here--I probably can get a start from a local plant.

I'll definitely try the root hormone when I attempt a transplant. Thanks for the hint.