Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lapse of Enthusiasm

I'm having one of those lapses in enthusiasm. After months of playing with content management systems, loading them up with "content," breaking them, taking them apart, trying again, I've finally got a Drupal format I like for the new, improved Spice Ridge home page. Unfortunately, I'm so sick of it I just can't stand to work on it anymore. I'm going to ignore it for a little while, and hope it will seem more engaging in a couple of days. Maybe I should knit for a while, pretend like it's not there....get out the sewing machine. They say "A change is good as a rest."

1 comment:

Larry said...

Fooling around with software can indeed become tiresome. Try playing music as a change, or, as you suggested, knitting.

Completely different sectors of the brain will be called into service, which can be stimulating.

Your posts on Drupal make me want to give it a try again -- when everything is working fine, one of my failings is to try something new!