Friday, June 13, 2008

Short Sewing Project

The last week of school overlapped with the first heat wave of the summer, and me with no short pants in the closet. Fortunately, I had bought a Summer Shorts 4-pack "grab bag" from Wazoodle, a terrific Canadian Web retail fabric store which says of itself:

We specialize in better quality textiles and notions used for casual clothing, outerwear, sports wear. We also have a large inventory of athletic and technical knits, diaper making supplies, and camouflage products. We occasionally dabble in finer ladies wear and home decor.

The pink and navy blue shorts are poly-cotton blends from my "Four-Pack," while the light turquoise pair is made from a heavy-weight cotton twill I tie-dyed several years ago. I also made cotton duck print shorts (with fabric from the Wazoodle grab bag) as a "trial run" for my home-made pattern. I like to test drive a pattern in real life before I make multiple versions, which is why that pair is currently in the wash. The print is "little-girl cute," and although it amuses me, it will probably not be photographed or worn off the confines of our ridge on Droop Mountain.

The final length of "Four-Pack" fabrics (priced about $3 each) is a pale violet cotton twill. I am considering dying it a darker, more practical color when I get my fabric dyes out later this summer.

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